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New Patients

Our centre welcomes new patients. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to complete the new patient registration form if you have not completed it online prior to your appointment. If transferring from another practice, you can request the transfer of your medical records to your new doctor prior to your appointment day.

Standard and Long Appointments

Standard appointments have a duration of 10-15 minutes. If you have multiple health concerns, please book a long consultation which allows 20 -30 minutes for the consultation. This may not always be available to book online, depending on your practitioner. If you can’t book this online, please phone reception and advise them of your request.

Phone Consultations

While in-person appointments are preferred, phone consultations may be necessary. These appointments are booked in the same fashion as in person consultations. These consultations incur the same fees and offer the same Medicare rebates as in-room consultations.

Other Appointment types

Extended appointment times are allocated for specific needs, including excisions or minor surgery, driver’s license medicals, insurance medicals, completion of forms, GP management plans, various health assessments, and Mental Health Consultations and Plans. Please inform the receptionist when booking these types of appointments as Doctors have varying requirements for the way these appointments are planned.

Urgent Appointments

Every effort will be made to accommodate urgent problems on the same day. It is not always guaranteed that if the nature of the urgency is such that you need to be seen on the day that you will be able to see your usual treating practitioner. If you have an urgent medical issue, the receptionist may direct you to a nurse who will assess your needs in more detail. You may also be re-directed to call an ambulance or present to the Noosa Hospital depending on the nature of your call.

Home Visits

Due to the time restrictions placed on our practitioners, home visits are on a case-by-case basis and most often reserved for palliative patients who are physically unable to attend the practice.

Test Results

Test results are received electronically directly to your treating Doctor. You will not be contacted if your treating Doctor deems the results as acceptable. However, if your symptoms are persisting or you have planned with the doctor to re-book regardless, then please do so.

You are always welcome to phone our reception team to see if your results have been received.

Time frames for follow-up depend on the nature of the result.

Non-urgent appointment follow-up requests will be sent out via text message, prompting you to book a time. If you do not respond to this in a timely fashion, you will receive a follow-up phone call. If we are not able to contact you within an appropriate time frame, a registered post letter will be sent to your postal address.

Urgent appointments will be tended to by your treating Doctor.

Appointments for test results are not routinely bulk-billed. We are a private billing practice and so regardless of appointment type, an out-of-pocket fee will be incurred for this service.


For appointments such as follow up Blood tests, Cervical screening, injections, immunisations etc are entered into our system and will autogenerate a text message to remind you to make an appointment.


Appointments to offer annual Health Assessments, Care plans and reviews are autogenerated within our system. They will be sent out as a text message. If you do not wish to receive these, please notify reception staff.

Repeat Prescriptions

It is most appropriate for a consultation when asking for prescriptions. We understand that an occasional script may be forgotten or about to lapse. At doctors’ discretion, a telephone consultation may be appropriate to arrange this. If you have not seen your Doctor in the past 4 months, it is advisable and appropriate to come into clinic for this appointment.

Referrals to non-GP Specialists

For referrals to non-GP specialists, a consultation is required. Please make sure that you book an appointment for this service.

Translation and Interpreting Service

We are committed to offering care to all the community. Our reception team and practitioners are experienced in working with the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) and the National relay service all of which can be arranged when making an appointment.


We greatly value your input regarding our practice as it plays a vital role in our continuous improvement and growth. Whether it’s a complaint, suggestion, or compliment, your feedback is invaluable to us. We appreciate the opportunity to address any concerns directly and enhance our services. However, we kindly request that any feedback, particularly concerning defamatory reviews on social media, be directed to the Practice Manager or submitted via the form below to maintain the integrity of the patient-doctor relationship. Should you feel the need to escalate your feedback further, you can contact the Office of the Health Ombudsmen and access Queensland Government contact details at

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